Cookin Up - Cam'ron

Letra de Cookin Up, canción donde Cam'ron interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Crime Pays. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de Cam'ron no te pierdas este single llamado Cookin Up, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Cookin Up - Cam'ron

Cam'ron canta la cancion Cookin Up dentro de su album Crime Pays, os dejamos con la letra de Cookin Up para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Crime Pays y de Cam'ron.

Red slippers red robe red kitchen red
stove red pots runnin ahead cocked the
on the feds probed,red stools red enf,
red floor ya all fakers, red couch red
crystal, red pepper and salt shakers,
the red room red curtains, its summer
squish so some respect what you expect thats a hundred icks, telescopes
binoculars the feds hate my bynacula,
from sellin coke im proper docked, that
means im spectacular, they bitin like
Tyson worse than that dracular, yo moms
buy heroin wit no hands im smackin
her,let me make ya places, Dane to Danes
i made it rain now in the strip club the
bengies turn to paper planes, im killa
you Andre miller got a basic game, i
told ya bitch to hurry up we don't wait
for trains, im Derek jeter cause im in
between the base my mane, and thats on
lenix 7 for 8th ace of kings,salacers on
calibers would do it louder bro, sledge
hammer smash his melon im the black
galiga, you know i dump mine on fake
niggas one time, wack bitches rap
snitches my life's a punch line, i spend
a grip in bars, diamonds studded vicious
cars, da hoes, ask Joe we audition ours,
i hope you make the cut, pop ya puss
move ya butt, ruger up think we from
Houston we done schooled her up.
(chorus) We pitchin we pitchin friction
from mission to mission block to block
half to half from kitchen to kitchen, we
just cookin baby we just cookin up we
[ De: ]
just cookin up homie, we just cookin
up.(x2) You done sold a bottle huh, im
twistin a cap(Fagget) and im luxury girl
come sit on my lap, her friends like
don't go that shit is a trap, they'll
have you trafficn' swallowin shit in
smack, they pigeons in fact, how you
gonna listen to that, you the fliest one
in your crew them bitches is wack,
started to smile like you knew this shit
was a wrap, her friends was right tho
she gonna be pitchin some crack, I'm a
true champ you glance 4 door two tramps
fu*kmy money honey bring your food
stamps, Go ahead you dance,a elephant to
you ants, chain alaska, bracelet
nebraska, crib well disaster 42 plasmas,
royal blue laurie shorty you bastard,
only thing i don't know what resort we
in, i tell a bitch get over here like
scorpion, cars order in flavors, you
order from avis, come around me, why?
they know my ora contagious, and im
sorta courageous, plus the kid
smart,forget bizmark, he gonna catch
more than them vapors,next door at your
neighbors they said all of you haters
set you up the very moment i offered em
paper, and the lord from the mayor, and
my kicks university of Florida of couse
they gators, We pitchin we pitchin
friction from mission to mission block
to block half to half from kitchen to
kitchen, we just cookin baby we just
cookin up we just cookin up homie, we
just cookin up.(x2) Letra Cookin Up
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