Still Makin' Moves - C-Murder

Letra de Still Makin' Moves, canción donde C-Murder interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Bossalinie (Edited). Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de C-Murder no te pierdas este single llamado Still Makin' Moves, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Still Makin' Moves - C-Murder

Escuchar C-Murder Still Makin' Moves Lyric Video.

C-Murder canta la cancion Still Makin' Moves dentro de su album Bossalinie (Edited), os dejamos con la letra de Still Makin' Moves para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Bossalinie (Edited) y de C-Murder.

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(little Kevin) hey cmurder, who you who
you hang with? (c-murder) say lil kevin
boy, you know i'm still makin moves with
thugs (master p) part 2 nigga!! haha all
dem thugs get em up out there nigga
Verse 1: (c-murder) i leave the house 10
o clock and jump in my lac, call my
niggas fiend n mac cause they got my
back, and even the one time you was
tryin to hack, i still pack a strap and
recock my gat, eliminatin all my enemies
tryin to blind me, im still makin moves
but it's hard to find me, steadily
gettin richer pursuin my dreams, i just
cashed a check for three million d's, i
told yall niggas last year dont play no
games, got dem no limit niggas out there
callin my name, went from sneakin in
stores to dem sell out shows, went from
crime to rhyme already did my time, i
say you dont wanna go to war wit me, i
got hot boy n big swoll wit me, just
some more ghetto muthafuckas ridin wit
me, cause makin moves wit thugs is a
hobby, Chorus: (mo b. dick) all my
homies know tha deal, if you thuggin
keep it real, dont forget to pack tha
steel, incase we got some caps to peel,
you know tha deal, this thug's for real,
we pack tha steel, got caps to peel
Verse 2: (master p) how many niggas
wanna ride wit me? throw a party thug
girls get wild wit me, its involved wit
green nigga bother p, 56 million like
tha lottery, from the charlotte hornets
to mtv how many patnas do you see when
im on tv? and if i get cut im gonna buy
tha team, cause i made my money from tha
triple beam i lived tha life of a dealer
nigga hangin wit killas, i fucked around
and come back to slangin keys, but thats
alright cause these niggas get paid,
young niggas gonna be thugs to the
grave. Chorus Letra Still Makin' Moves
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