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Letra de Picture Me, canción donde C-Murder interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Life Or Death (Explicit). Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de C-Murder no te pierdas este single llamado Picture Me, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Picture Me - C-Murder

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C-Murder canta la cancion Picture Me dentro de su album Life Or Death (Explicit), os dejamos con la letra de Picture Me para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Life Or Death (Explicit) y de C-Murder.

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Intro Motherfuckers,you see a TRU nigga
walk on the streets you step on the side
and respect that man TRU niggas never
die we recreate to survive Picture me a
TRU nigga (real niggas don't die.Cause
TRU niggas gon ride.) Picture me a TRU
nigga (real niggas don't die.Cause TRU
niggas gon ride.) Picture me a TRU nigga
(real niggas don't die.Cause TRU niggas
gon ride.) Picture me a TRU nigga (real
niggas don't die.Cause TRU niggas gon
ride.) Magic: I been livin my whole life
just awaitin this opportunity. To clock
G's and makin you motherfuckers see.
Criminal minded I? leavin you bitches
blinded. You motherfuckers should kneel
when my thoughts start unwinding. I
joined a force to be reckoned with,and
we all TRU. We got political leaders
jockin our fuckin crew. Millionaire
mothafuckas but still we thug niggas.
Catch me flossin in Hilfigers with my
TRU niggas. Coatin bitches only
fantasized in your biggest dreams. Make
em scream like Master P(ungh!)scream for
Ice Cream. Got a nigga like Mr. Magic
makin six figures. It feels good to be a
TRU nigga. Chorus C-Murder:
Motherfuckers know I mean business,when
I walk in the streets. I keep a picture
of my kid,in case a nigga get me.
Affiliated with this army,and TRU be my
click. Tattoes,all up on me,cause I'll
die for this shit. My definition of a
TRU nigga.I represent it. Is a soldier
ready to ride for No Limit,and win it.
And if I lose another tank dogg,he's
always in my memory. I put you in a song
and you become a part of history. To all
my real niggas:don? let the ghetto take
you under. If you travel the
streets,make moves,in large numbers. A
couple guns,some extra clips,don? make
you bigger. You need some niggas watchin
yo back,you need some TRU niggas. Chorus
Magic: You have the right to be paranoid
You standing in front of the Southern's
finest. Bein broke and livin slow is
some bullshit behind us. Million dollar
dreams of gettin rich. Smokin my weed
and drinking hennesey down by the
pitcher. Ain't no slippin because my
click is fuckin airtight. So playa hater
get yo shit right. I annihilate you
niggas I think is gonna bother me. No
greater love then bringin myself on my
enemies. So lord forgive me for thinking
materialistic. But society? full of
bullshit. I done sold my soul,so you can
label me a paid nigga. It feels good to
be a TRU nigga. Chorus outro
(Laughing.).Picture me with TRU records
A made nigga.Immortal.Us niggas never
die.We multiply (Laughing).I?a make all
you niggas remember me Y'all niggas feel
me? Letra Picture Me Lyrics Insertada:

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