On Da Block - C-Murder

Letra de On Da Block, canción donde C-Murder interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Trapped In Crime (Edited). Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de C-Murder no te pierdas este single llamado On Da Block, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra On Da Block - C-Murder

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C-Murder canta la cancion On Da Block dentro de su album Trapped In Crime (Edited), os dejamos con la letra de On Da Block para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Trapped In Crime (Edited) y de C-Murder.

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(C-Murder)(Talking) Say Bass Heavy brah
Turn that shit up ya dig De one here, ya
muthafuckas ain't bootin up on tha flo'
(yeah boot up nigga or shut up) Lookin
at that nigga Krazy Listen to it (3rd
ward) I wanna see a nigga get hurt of
this shit yeah ya dig We makin moves
nigga On da block posted up ta get mine
(C-Murder) (Chorus 2x) I'm on the block
posted up Wit them thangs loaded up Hope
them folks don't pull up Cuz if they do
then I'm stuck I'ma be in jail wit dat
dig look Hair all nappy lookin like a
fuckin crook (C-Murder) I'm on da block
with them thangs loaded up I mean them
toys Fuck them niggas if they fu*kwith
my me or my boys I'ma tru nigga don't
care bout nothing boy If ya start
frontin I'ma have ta start somethin Fuck
the whole world If they don't like If I
go to jail my old lady gonna ride me Cuz
I'ma thug a a lil' ghetto boy trapped in
crime I hope them folks don't put up a
take my muthafuckin dimes On the block
posted up and I'm down for whatever Have
you been ride for yo shit, nigga never
Cuz if I gotta gun (what) and he gotta
gun Shit I don't give a fu*knigga I
ain't gone run It's degree but a pen in
my future (in my future) That's why I
live how I live Cuz that's all that I'm
use ta You don't wanna go to war and
that's real Lil' nigga gotta chill cuz
he might get killed (Chorus) 2x (???)
I'm on the block tryin ta make some
change I'm tired of being broke So I'ma
get my money right and smoke some weed
and coke I couldn't concentrate in
school with the problems I had When my
brother went to jail is when I took the
wrong path That's when I had to step up
and be the man ta make it right Eat and
sleep all day and hustle, hustle all
night If anybody need me well they can
catch me be on the block In all black
with a glock and a mouth full of rocks
Muthafuckin cop straight fillin still
totin glocks I'm on the block posted up
chillin by the barbershop I told my
nigga make the holla if them people pull
up So I can get the fu*kcuz I ain't
tryin to get that dig look (???) I dig
up in y'all like Min Yawl Fuck around
and get ya head cracked Playing with
this tru dawg so back up off me lil'
daddy Before ya piss me off Carry max,
gauges, choppers, and double barrel
sawed-off We ain't come ta have stuff,
we came ta bust heads Burn houses to the
pavement if we feel we gettin played,
now everyday Hobbies is load and bust
and knock a nigga leg off If a bitch say
somethin, now who be the rawest nigga
T-R-U the most dangerous Just load'em up
it ain't no thang ta us We maxing up a
coming ta get cha Oh fake ass niggas
gonna make us split cha On the block
with the rocks getting richa, the
picture (Chorus) 2x (C-Murder) Hum brah
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