Livin' Legend - C-Murder

Letra de Livin' Legend, canción donde C-Murder interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Bossalinie (Edited). Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de C-Murder no te pierdas este single llamado Livin' Legend, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Livin' Legend - C-Murder

Escuchar C-Murder Livin' Legend Lyric Video.

C-Murder canta la cancion Livin' Legend dentro de su album Bossalinie (Edited), os dejamos con la letra de Livin' Legend para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Bossalinie (Edited) y de C-Murder.

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Master P: Yo, C I'd like to mourn the
dead (Kevin Miller) And acknowledge the
livin' Know like they say You can tell a
nigga How you feel when they here This
is for all those livin stars out there
The ghetto legends (real niggas) Niggas
thats really doin the hustlin on the
corner (love these thug niggas, ya heard
me) Know what I'm sayin, makin it happen
Niggas in the rap game, changin their
lives Silkk, C-Murder, Master P (haha)
And all the other real mutherfukin
ballers out there (freedom) Motherfukin
rookies to the veterans This is all the
real niggas makin it happen Bitch check
it, ya heard me C-Murder: Nigga back in
the day i used to dream about fortune
and fame Jump in the game and you expect
my life to change I looked up to all the
ghetto superstars Shit, I used to trip
when they call a female a bitch I'm just
another lost soul in the world
Destination unknown, Tryin to make it
home And Three strikes, a nigga gone All
alone in the muthafukin end zone On the
football field with my head down I can't
see but I'm tryin to make a touchdown
Damn, will I ever see the other side I'm
this close from doin another drive by
Now I don't really want to make another
mother cry But these niggas, they playin
with my fukin pride Now why, they wanna
put me in this gangsta shita Cause all I
wanna do is sell a million discs Chorus:
Wha wha, I wanna be a livin' legend Will
they let me, I wanna be a livin' legend
Will they sweat me, get paid like the
president Now put my name in the hall of
fame (x2) Master P: Say my name What
bitches screamin for A little skinny
nigga learn to hustle and ball Grew up
in the projects Ran with killers and
dealers No Limit Soldiers keep in the
family, no nigga Don't hate me for
planting seeds C-Murder got the gifts I
got the hennesey and weed We only run
with ghetto stars and legends Like Big
Boz, Hot Boyz known for 1-87 2-11, Real
niggas made it out the hood Word seven
bigger figures And you know its all good
Chorus: Wha wha, I wanna be a livin'
legend Will they let me, I wanna be a
livin' legend Will they sweat me, get
paid like the president Now put my name
in the hall of fame (x2) C-Murder:
Livin' legend, livin' legend One who'll
raise on top against all obstacles No
matter friend or foe And we kick it, Ugh
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