So Good - B.o.B

Letra de So Good, canción donde B.o.B interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Strange Clouds. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de B.o.B no te pierdas este single llamado So Good, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra So Good - B.o.B

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B.o.B canta la cancion So Good dentro de su album Strange Clouds, os dejamos con la letra de So Good para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Strange Clouds y de B.o.B.

[ De: ]

(Verse 1)
Drinking a
German beer
with a Cuban
cigar In the
middle of
Paris with a
bar Great
head on her
she probably
abroad She
to Harvard
from King s
College in
March She
says that I
m her
cause she
admires the
with the
Picasso with
the bars
She s well
put together
like a piece
by Gershwin
tonight is
perfect So
mmile, and
pack your
bags real
good baby
Cause you ll
be gone for
a while,
while while
(Hook) Girl
tell me how
you feel
What your
fantasy I
see us on a
beach down
in Mexico
You can put
your feet up
Be my
senorita We
ain t gotta
rush Just
take it slow
You ll be in
the high
life Soaking
up the
Anything you
want is
yours I had
you living
life like
you should
You say you
never had it
so good
(Hook) La
la-la la-la
la-laaa You
never had it
so good La
la-la la-la
(Verse 2)
from first
class cabin
fever Five
from Norway
to Egypt I m
to the point
like the
pyramids of
Giza Still
lean to the
left like
the tower
out in Pisa
I m feeling
single baby
I could use
a feature
Swagger like
Ceaser, I ll
get you a
visa We can
go to Italy,
and maybe
see the
Colosseum I
ll be Da
Vinci if
you ll be my
Mona Lisa So
smile, and
pack your
bags real
good baby
Cause you ll
be gone for
a while
(Verse 3)
Well I been
singular How
about let s
make it
plural Spin
the globe,
wherever it
lands that s
where we ll
go We ll hit
up Europe,
yep, and
spend some
Euros And
maybe visit
Berlin, the
wall s with
the murals
This is your
month baby,
sign of the
, glasses
full of
merlo A
rose, a
travel like
turbo Brush
up on your
Espanol We
ll Barcelona
bounce So
mmile, and
pack your
bags real
good baby
Cause you ll
be gone for
a while
(Hook) (Hook
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