Hey Little Lady - B2K

Letra de Hey Little Lady, canción donde B2K interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm B2K. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de B2K no te pierdas este single llamado Hey Little Lady, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Hey Little Lady - B2K

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B2K canta la cancion Hey Little Lady dentro de su album B2K, os dejamos con la letra de Hey Little Lady para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album B2K y de B2K.

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Ha haaaa uh Hmmm mmmm
Ya'll gon feel this
one... this one fo my
ladies, Uh here we go
ya'll. Hey little Lady
please tell me yo name
~J-Boog~ Yeah, wassup
girl, how u feelin? Oh
me, I'm alright. See, I
been watching you for a
while now I feel like we
should take it to the
next level. ~Omarion~ See
you over there with ya
girls chillin, caught my
attention. I was hangin
with my fellas, thats
when I wanted to approach
you, Get to know you.
Baby can I get cha
number, catch a readin?,
G-String on yo hip,
lookin se*xaaay wit' cha
belly ring. So, I walked
over, stepped to you,
played it cool and asked,
"do you have a
boyfriend?" ~Chorus~ Hey
little Lady, please tell
me ya name. Hey little
lady do you have a
boyfriend? Hey little
lady can I get to know
you, can I call you on ya
cellphone, can you be my
girlfriend? (Repeat
chorus twice) ~Omarion~
Hey lady, so nice to meet
you. Tell me something
about you. Is ya Mom's
cool? Will she let me go
with you and maybe take
you to the movies Baby
let me pop the question.
Can we get freaky? teach
you a lesson. If you like
me we can get nasty, have
ya way with me, but first
can you be my girl
friend? Repeat Chorus
twice Huh, whhaat, b2K
Ya'll gon feel this one,
come on whaaat
girrrlfriieennnddd what
platinum status on the
track come on
girrrrllfrrriiiend Yo
bring in the track Chris
It be me F.i. double zz,
sittin on many the same
age as me. One friendly
dude wit all the girlies.
When u walked by I was
like , "who is she?"
Rolled by you looked so
fly, that's when you
caught my eye. Hey little
lady how you? Can I get
ta know you? hope you
don't mind me spittin at
you. You look cute
chillin wit yo crew.
What's yo name, can I
holla at you? So se*y wit
yo g-string on, all I
wanna know is can we get
our freak on? Hit me on
the celly when yo Mom's
aint home. ME AND YOU
it's on. Repeat Chrous
twice doo doo, doop
do-do-do (repeat twice)
uh uh uh uh uh.
Everybody: Hey little
lady................. hey
little lady can I get to
know you Insertada:

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