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Letra de Do That Thing, canción donde B2K interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm B2K Presents: You Got Served. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de B2K no te pierdas este single llamado Do That Thing, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Do That Thing - B2K

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B2K canta la cancion Do That Thing dentro de su album B2K Presents: You Got Served, os dejamos con la letra de Do That Thing para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album B2K Presents: You Got Served y de B2K.

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Do That Thing Lyrics
(feat. Lil' Kim) (Lil Kim
and B2K) Now what they go
say Now what you go do,
do that thing its on you
(verse1) Walked in the
spot and I already picked
one My idea for the night
is to get one or two, or
three, five, six, seven
if you leave it up to me
I'm down to get down wit
cha Wiggle,Jiggle, turn
it all around would ya
uhh ohh and let me get it
mommy don't freeze be
easy it's cool mommy
(Hook) There you go do
that thing for me Let it
go from yo head to ya
shouldas get a drink and
come over After that we
go head to the rover
(chorus) Back it up, clap
it up, switch it up,
change it up Do that
thing for me, Do that
thing for me Flip it up,
give it up, I'mma grip it
up, while you rip it up
do that thing for me, Do
that thing for me Give me
a minute want a swig of
this pimp juice I'mma be
in it, when I'm in it
there will be no use, for
games, no games I don't
need a lot, I got this on
lock dog You so down The
way you do it babe Put ya
back into babe, uhh ohhhh
can I get it on I got a
lot in mine and that's
about time (Repeat
Chorus) Say Yo Yo, Say Yo
Yo, Uh Uh, Say uh uh, say
ohh (say) ohh (say) ohh
(say) ooh, say do that
thang, do that thang, put
it on me mommy if you
ain't scared, say ohh...
ohh (Lil Kim) I make it
bounce like my booty was
a 64 I'm feelin nice wit
that Mally and that Hipno
All eyez on me,
yo, people scream Lil Kim
real loud around me, doin
that thing and there's a
whole crowd around me,
once I get the second one
I'm goin' back in, DJ
bring that joint back
again, so I can take it
to the floor once more
before I hit that door
like Big Daddy Kane
,nigga I get raw, picture
me tannin nude by the
pool, fool wake up you
startin' to drool See I'm
Down and I get it in with
ya Like the 24's I wanna
spin with ya, uhh ohh,
you can get it daddy
Switch it up, back it up,
just for you daddy
(chorus) Back it up, clap
it up, switch it up,
change it up, Do that
thing for me, Do that
thing for me Flip it up,
give it up, I'mma grip it
up, while you rip it up
Do that thing for me , do
that thing for me (lil'
kim) oooh, Omarion and
Lil Fizz, J-Boog and
Raz-B, T.U.G. and Queen
Bee, representin' B.K.
and L.A. To the fullest,
Chris Stokes we outta
here baby, yeah, this is
history boy... ya girl
Lil Kim you can call me
Miss Brooklyn,ha haaa and
it's on, and it's on, ah
ha you can get it daddy,
you can get it daddy.
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