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Letra de Nevehoe, canción donde ABK interpreta uno de los temas que más suenan en el albúm Dirty History. Si te gusta la buena musica y te apasiona conocer letras de canciones de ABK no te pierdas este single llamado Nevehoe, no querras parar de escucharlo.

Letra Nevehoe - ABK

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ABK canta la cancion Nevehoe dentro de su album Dirty History, os dejamos con la letra de Nevehoe para que la podais disfrutar. En el menu teneis mas letras del album Dirty History y de ABK.

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(Repeat 3x) Neva Neva Neva Neva Neva
Neva Neva Neva Stay up off it! (Anybody
Killa) Quit frontin' Actin' like I don't
know what you up to I see right through
you So what you gonna do? Never will you
step a foot around me again 'Cause
hangin' with you I can't win Some of the
people in this world is some straight up
hoes Brown nose, I suppose, that's how
it goes But I sit back watchin',
clockin' dollars With a smirk on my face
waitin' for you to holla So I can say
nevehoe, nope, what you thinkin'? All up
in my face, tryna thug, breath stinkin'
You can get the barrel from my homey,
Shaggy's shotgun All up in your face in
case ya wanna taste a hot one I got no
love for them marks Punks, hoes,
snitches Grown ass bitches So stay away
and don't come to close 'Cause you never
know who may wanna come and slit ya
throat (Chorus 2x) Nevehoe You ain't
gettin' shit Nevehoe Nevehoe Stay up off
it! (Shaggy 2 Dope) I can't stand a
muthafucka like you When my pockets in
mind, I don't care what you into I got
too many mouths to feeds from kids to
mothers My wife and brothers and too
many others See I'm being tryin' to
speak on while you sit back and see me
as a jar of Grey Poupon I should'a just
stuck my dick in your mouth Gave your
eyes chocolate donuts and bounced the
fu*kout I go home and meditate with some
sage Tryna brush off these forked
tongues like back in the day But your
new name is vittle fingers 'Cause your a
bank account raper tryin' to steal my
dinners Just another undercover
crackhead It comes down to you ain't
rapin' me again Nevehoe, bitch, for now
and nevermore Just get your hands out my
cookie jar you fuckin' whore (Chorus 4x)
Nevehoe You ain't gettin' shit Nevehoe
Nevehoe Stay up off it! (Anybody Killa)
Nevehoe, not no mo' 'Cause all your true
colors are startin' to show Greedy ass,
hand in the cookie jar Tryna get a
fistful but it's just too hard Let me
catch you again, I thought I said never
Tryna take what's mine but you ain't
that clever Runnin' with a hatchet
Psychopathic We don't stop, so you gets
no cream of our crop (Shaggy 2 Dope)
Twelve years in this game, for what? So
you can a bank teller out my butt,
BITCH! Now fu*kthat, it's time for some
chokin' Crackin' those legs open, 'cause
your drunk and smokin' Spittin' out
babies like your spit your game
Shitloads of money in fifteen minutes of
fame Nevehoe, no, I ain't the one I
don't pack one, but I do got a gun
(Chorus 4x) Nevehoe You ain't gettin'
shit Nevehoe Nevehoe Stay up off it!
What, what..? Bring that shit in bitch,
what?!.. (Stay up off it!) Man, don't
even touch my weed, dog I will bust that
lip..(Stay up off it!) Don't, don't,
don' ain't gettin' no ride,
fu*kyou, you ain't got no gas money
(Stay up off it!) Naw, hoe don't even
fuckin' worry about my bank account
bitch! (Stay up off it!) Letra Nevehoe
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