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Looking Down The Cross

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White knuckle lyrics

Oh God
If romance is really dead
We'll be buried alive
We pray for hope
With hearts still warm

Let's do this one more time
Can you hear the faint whispers of your name this time?
Wake up, oh God just please wake up.
Let me see you breathe

Your eyes provide the strength I need from you
To keep climbing from here
Breathe once more, please don't close your eyes.
Our lives, sealed tight.
Frozen in constant motion
I'll stretch my hand toward you
Oh God please let me see you move.

We're not breathing for long
We can't break through these walls
Our hands too weak
Our hearts too cold

This is not the end
We can't give up this time
We came too far
To lose our faith in you
Just take my hand
This time we cannot lose

About the time that you let me go
Was the time I needed you the most
I can see it in your eyes
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Believe in what you cannot see
I thought this would last forever
But love is not as easy as it seems
It's still not safe for you
Please trust me, I can save this

This story leaves no hope
For anyone who has ever cared
We carry the promises that only one heart could believe
It's only getting worse
You look around but theres nothing left
I've done all that I can
The ground is cold when you're all alone

Just close your eyes
This time we'll make it out alive
We've been here before
You're awake but still barely hanging on

You're not alone
You have been right here by your side
Breathe in the new air
We made it out, just don't give up now
Have faith in me
I'll be your light to make it through

As she falls down
Everything feels meaningless
It all falls down
Her body feels so cold

As she falls down
Everything feels meaningless
We tried for long
We fell so short (x2)

Looking Down The Cross

Looking Down The Cross

White knuckle

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Artista: Looking Down The Cross
Canción: White knuckle
Duración: 04:20
Vistas: 95

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