Thirsty Letra

Gucci Mane

La letra de la canción "Thirsty" interpretada por Gucci Mane fue publicada el 6 de mayo de 2013 con su vídeo musical.

Thirsty lyrics

Broke bitch grew upin the hood eat fish stick
Hood bitch saying she the shit, but she ain't bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass hoe
thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass hoe
She's a hood bitch on dick sucker with spandex
If you got more babies than a motherfucking trap bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass hoe
thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass hoe

It's Gucci in this bitch I put my Bentley on 4's
This one for the hoes like to play with they nose
Got no paper problem baby paper playing gull of hondos
Mcm shoes, belt, boom bag full of condoms
If you ain't second guess, why the fuck you got you talking
Baby girl don't mind shies, you can fool blue walk
Cause cool walk like 2 pac, if I drank no sea rock
Need to buy a weed walker for new weed spot
Flashback, 9 to 5, 87 tea talk
The girl suck a nigga, call to a nigga knee knock
Cush and dope and grinding hard, tomorrow did a teapot
Selling dope and charging tree, and I ain't never rerock
[ De: ]
In it for some head, so pull it double coaster
Bad bitch, 5 kids, 5 motherfucker
They ain't my kids and they blaming you for extra dope
They ain't my kids, but I gave em ball to drink it up


I had this fine bitch with me, but she thirsty dawg
In the Maybach with me, opened up my curtains dawg
Baby you fine, but you riding with me is a no touch cloud
And is your second by a lesson cause you...
Baby step your game up
If your boyfriend broke, don't bring my name up
And she can suck a dick like that, she don't give pay up
Now the hoe so thirsty, gotta sign this crime up
I got a girl go to ...was a good, good brainer
At first she wasn't good so I had to train her
I had to fuck ruby and she was a personal trainer
I tried to marry and the family just to get the cocaine up
I'm in the charger cost 100 that's a whole nother lane
I'm in the jeep that cost 200, bitch just step up your game
I'm in the bentley, step on hunned, bitch a whole nother lane
It's guap, aka bitches be gucci mane, guap

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane


Mayo, 2013
46.333 vistas

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Artista: Gucci Mane
Canción: Thirsty
Duración: 04:43
Estreno: Mayo, 2013
Vistas: 46.333
Álbum: Thirsty - Single
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap

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