So High Letra

Jay Sean

La letra de la canción "So High" interpretada por Jay Sean fue publicada el 3 de septiembre de 2012 con su vídeo musical.

So High ft. Afrojack lyrics

Baby you take me so high
Higher than anyone could ever fly
You unintentionally make me try, try
Harder we become in time, time
You the only one who can make me cry
Were inseparable, unstoppable, incredible, where MJ criminal
Bonnie and Clyde

Baby lets fly wherever you want tonight
Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai
Girl I've been in love with you ever since junior high
You're my miss cutie pie
Girl, my love for you is as high as a kite
I hate when I have to say goodnight
tonight, every night night night

Baby you take me so high
You got me dreaming bigger than the sky
I trust you so much I never ask why
My love for you could never run out of supply, supply

Baby when you leave for work
I know you think am acting like a jerk
When i beg you, baby call in sick
Instead we could cuddle all day while we role-play
Baby I know how you love that foreplay
Baby but you always gave me more play, PlayStation
Like we used to on vacation in-between shows
When we were touring young, all tongue in Hong Kong
French kissing ill get you drenched after licking
Girl you moaning when i go one eighty seven
Baby il take you to heaven
we define bedtime, overtime, prime time we flow like wind chymes
Ha ha, now am jacking my bro Tyga's rhymes
Shout out my girl tee,this one for you, we in the Pit hotel room,
You my hot girl, we on that boom boom wave
YMCMB rave, we the best forever Lil Tunchi tell um, brave

Baby you make me so high,
[ De: ]
I could never ever see you cry,
With every blink of your eyes
I fall deeper in love with you every time time

Baby lets fly wherever you want tonight
Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai
Girl I've been in love with you ever since junior high
Your my miss cutie pie
Girl were already as high as the night sky
i hate to say goodbye
Goodbye, bye, bye, bye

Borrowing Baby's g6, I see six,
once I and you take hits, jet crazy trips
They know I got the flyist chick,
we driving slick whips with my cash money tips
You got those Nicki Minaj hips and those Jolie lips,
got me kicking flips, lil waynes skateboard tricks

You cry on my shoulder,
after watching those chick flicks, twilight eclipse
And that's when we jump under the silk and start to ride slick
Roller-coasters on ships, and first class ticks
im so blessed thanks god for such a wonderful life

You take me so high
You're the only girl I ever want, damn right
Ive never met anybody so tight
Together baby we just might
Make it to the end of our life
Happy, lady your all fine and your all mine
Baby together were so high and nothing could ever bring us down,
Eminem space bound, for the rest of our entire life
Tonight, every night night, forever high

Baby you make me so high,
I could never ever see you cry,
With every single blink of your eyes,
I fall deeper in love with you every time
With out you it would feel crime
Me and you girl together forever
For a lifetime
Jay Sean

Jay Sean

So High

Septiembre, 2012
267.681 vistas

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Artista: Jay Sean
Canción: So High
Duración: 03:46
Estreno: Septiembre, 2012
Vistas: 267.681
Álbum: So High - Single
Etiquetas: reggae, rap, dance, afrojack

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