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Hank Williams Jr.

El tema "Games people play" interpretado por Hank Williams Jr. pertenece a su disco "I'm one of you". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Games people play" de Hank Williams Jr..

Games people play lyrics

Oh the games people play now
every night and every day now
never meaning what they say now
never saying what they mean
so they while away the hours
in their ivory towers
till there covered up with flowers
in the back of a black limousine
Talkin bout you and me
and the games people play
Oh we make one another cry
break our heart
then we say goodbye
cause our heart say
we hope to die
let the other one to blame
neither one will ever give in
so were gazing at an 8 by 10
thinking bout the way
it might have been
its a dirty, rotten, shame
Talkin bout you and me
[ De: ]
and the games people play
People walking up to ya
sayin glory, hallelujah
and they try to sock it to ya
in the name of the lord
they gonna teach you
how to meditate
read your horoscope
and cheat your faith
and furthermore to hell with hate
come on and get on board
Talkin bout you and me
and the games people play
Look around tell me
what you see
whats happening to you and me
god grant me the serenity
to remember who i am
cause your giving up your sanity
for your pride and your vanity
turn your back on humanity
and you don't give a damn
Talkin bout you and me
and the games people play
(repeat till end)
Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.

Games people play

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Artista: Hank Williams Jr.
Canción: Games people play
Duración: 03:56
Vistas: 2.606
Álbum: I'm one of you
Etiquetas: american country, funny, southern rock, country, cool

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