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Game show love lyrics

I had lost the 'family feud' in the 'newlywed game' and my 'concentration' was in 'jeopardy'. love's 'wheel of fortune' was causing me pain. i had struck out behind doors one, two, and three. you said sign in please in the 'dating game'. i was bachelor #1 i thought your love was real. you said come on down, you just won a brand new start. you said the secret word and i said 'let's make a deal'.
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Chorus: oh, but love was just a game to you. the survey says it's true and who can name that song? would the real you please stand up 'cause i have had enough of this show that you put on.
I thought the price was right when you asked me 'what's my line?' and i said 'i've got a secret' but i'll tell ya. it's the '$64,000 question' but will you be mine? i was betting it all that i was gonna sell ya. 'who do you trust?', 'you bet your life' and be wrong? 'to tell the truth' i never thought you'd give me the gong instead of a 'treasure hunt' it was just a laugh-a-thon. just puttin' me on, stringin' me along.
Repeat chorus twice and fade.
Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens

Game show love

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Artista: Ray Stevens
Canción: Game show love
Duración: 02:51
Vistas: 108

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