For the world to dictate our death Letra

Dimmu Borgir

El tema "For the world to dictate our death" interpretado por Dimmu Borgir pertenece a su disco "Death cult armageddon". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "For the world to dictate our death" de Dimmu Borgir.

For the world to dictate our death lyrics

Let us sit back and watch
death and destruction's devotees revel
let us sit back and witness
innocent semen being poured
Into the arms of armageddon
let it pour, more and more
pure fucking armageddon
let it pour more and more
Reason faithfully defiles
on bloodstained hands
where graceful motion
are lost arts
There are only battles to be lost
in the kingdoms of the blind
for those who seek salvation
in the dust of the earth
will only find wrath
in the sands of time
Engulfed by the desert
[ De: ]
we taste death in the dry heat
the disciples of prophetic ablution
had sworn to let the skeptics bleed
for great are their love of warfare
henchman of the disasterous creed
Watch us all celebrate in their name
the lambs of our time being slain
awaiting the final perdition
defeat against all and everything
for whatever adorned righteousness
justice never wait for the guilty to speak the truth
(repeat 2nd verse)
For mankind so hated the world
that it gave all its begotten sons and daughters
that whoever believed the lie
to perish and recieve everlasting hell
Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir

For the world to dictate our death

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Artista: Dimmu Borgir
Canción: For the world to dictate our death
Duración: 04:45
Vistas: 230.202
Álbum: Death cult armageddon
Etiquetas: metal, symphonic black metal, melodic black metal, dimmu borgir, black metal

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