For my broken heart Letra

Reba Mcentire

El tema "For my broken heart" interpretado por Reba Mcentire pertenece a su disco "For my broken heart". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "For my broken heart" de Reba Mcentire.

For my broken heart lyrics

(liz hengber, keith palmer)
There were no angry words at all
as we carried boxes down the hall
one by one we put them in your car
nothing much for us to say
one last goodbye and you drove away
i watched your tail-lights
as they faded in the dark
i couldn't face the night in that lonely bed
so i laid down on the couch instead
last night i prayed the lord my soul to keep
then i cried myself to sleep
so sure life wouldn't go on without you
[ De: ]
but oh this sun is blinding me
as it wakes me from the dark
i guess the world didn't stop
for my broken heart
Clocks still tickin, life goes on
radio still plays a song
as i try to put my scattered thoughts in place
and it takes all the strength i've got
to stumble to the coffee pot
the first of many lonely mornings i've got to face
you call to see if i'm ok
look out the window and i just say
Repeat chorus
I guess the world ain't gonna stop
for my broken heart
Reba Mcentire

Reba Mcentire

For my broken heart

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Artista: Reba Mcentire
Canción: For my broken heart
Duración: 04:18
Vistas: 40.132
Álbum: For my broken heart
Etiquetas: country, reba mcentire, female vocalists, favorite, modern country

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