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El tema "Evil church" interpretado por Enthroned pertenece a su disco "Towards the skullthrone of satan". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Evil church" de Enthroned.

Evil church lyrics

Enter the infernal corridors of the unlight,
walking through the path haunted by ghouls and wolves.
rising from the dead and crushing their tombs,
your body starts to shake with fear,
you feel the demons clawing at your skin,
trying to pull you into their crypt.
Now, walk towards the table of hell,
and worship the call of ninnagesh,
the mighty black priest,
as you're approaching closer to the altar,
raise your hands and do the sign of the horns.
Take your dirk to cut your throat,
blood spills in the chalice
you bring and you agonize with joy
in the middle of the great inflammed pentagram.
succumb for hell, succumb for the darkness,
succumb for the evil and give your life to our lord satan.
the undeads starts to drink your damned blood
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under the morbid breath of the great organ pipes,
your soul is now condamned to live in the domination of seth
to deny your weak god and take the power of evil.
Fight, kill and torture without mercy forever in honour to sin.
raise high the swords of hate, run to fight the light.
conqueror of the earthly grounds
Oooohh tormentor of the beast,
you've broken your chain made of christain lies,
you gave your faith to satan,
heard every sabbaths of the mighty priest,
sacrificed yourself upon the altar of the evil church
and finally became a faithful son of our master
In your presence, the weak mortals stand in fear,
you're the black tormentor next to the throne of chaos.
join us, we are the agitators and invite the mothers
to sacrifice their new born children.
in the basin of the reverend of hell,
the innocent blood
welcome to the evil church



Evil church

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Artista: Enthroned
Canción: Evil church
Duración: 04:39
Vistas: 19.148
Álbum: Towards the skullthrone of satan
Etiquetas: satanic black metal, true black metal, live, black metal, belgium

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