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Insane Clown Posse

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Every halloween lyrics

I paint my face every year. all day
the 31st isnt nuttin to me
just another holiday
all of a sudden face painted is in style
and i've been doing it ever since giligons island was on
but try to do it all year though to to pick up a chick painted up like a werido
i'm 68 years old i still trick or treat
you think i care shit im trying to find sunttin to eat
and tell them old ladys keep your pennies
if it aint about a quarter dont even bother
i'm sick of these lil kids to i know u did
but a brick in your bag and it me in the head wit it
and then they take my candy and dis then say
"look i'm a fat guy painted like kiss"
all year im a phsyco uh huh i see
but on halloween u wanna be me
Chorus: every halloweeeen they wanna be me
yeeeeaaaaaa every halloweeeeen they wann be me
A gorilla pufferfish and a bag lady all made love and had a little baby
and suposseably i'm the one
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but right now thats your (?)
on halloween people smile at me
but the rest of the year they dial the polic
they kick me off there lawns and shot me off their cars
but on halloween the giving me candy bars
trick or treat its 5:30 in the morning
i'm still out i'm stand on your lawn lookin in your window
(tap tap)
i see a gummy bear on the table
you gonna eat that?
my paint don't come off and if it did u think i'm scary now
shit i look liek frankenstin thats been slaped wit ugly
but yet children hug me on halloween
Chorus: every halloweeeeen they wanna be me yeeeeaa they wanna be me.
364 people hate my guts
but on halloween tey wanna ride my nuts
they dress up like monsters freaks and clowns
to pass gelly bear guwmbers and suckers aronext day when i try to trick or treat its get off my lawn or i'll call the cops u freak
i don't understand u people but thats ok
i'll see you all next time you try to be vileont jay
Chorus x2

Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

Every halloween

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Artista: Insane Clown Posse
Canción: Every halloween
Duración: 03:21
Vistas: 13.041
Álbum: Hallowicked
Etiquetas: altar of the metal gods ambient metal, altar of the metal gods power metal, altar of the metal gods symphonic metal, altar of the metal gods black metal,

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