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El tema "Emergency on planet earth" interpretado por Jamiroquai pertenece a su disco "Emergency on planet earth". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Emergency on planet earth" de Jamiroquai.

Emergency on planet earth lyrics

Written by jay kay and toby smith

the kids need education
and the streets are never clean
i've seen a certain disposition, prevailing in the wind,
sweet change if anybody's listening?
emergency on planet earth
is that life that i am witnessing
or just another wasted birth

we got emergency
emergency on planet earth

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think we're standing for injustice
white gets two and black gets five years,
took me quite a while to suss this,
but now i know my head is cleared
and a little boy in hungry land, is just a picture in the news,
change shoes
won't see him in the tv advertising,
cause it might put you off your food

we got emergency
emergency on planet earth



Emergency on planet earth

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Artista: Jamiroquai
Canción: Emergency on planet earth
Duración: 04:01
Vistas: 526.865
Álbum: Emergency on planet earth
Etiquetas: jamiroquai, funk, funky, dance, acid jazz

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