Drive, he said Letra

Steve Taylor

El tema "Drive, he said" interpretado por Steve Taylor pertenece a su disco "Now the truth can be told". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Drive, he said" de Steve Taylor.

Drive, he said lyrics

Drive, he said
On a desert road that steamed the sky
with the windows up and the air on high
i was off the stage, i was on the mend
with a solo drive to a holiday weekend
my thirsty car came to a stop at the reptile gardens curio shop
when a wind came hissing through the vents,
and i felt my sneakers growing tense
my forehead broke in a cold, cold sweat--
in the rearview mirror was a silhouette
then i heard the doorlocks take a dive
and a whisper screamed "don't turn around, just drive"
Scratch dressed in red--pointy tail and horn-rimmed head
and a widow's peak like eddie munster
i sat frozen in my seat--"we haven't had the chance to
are you a singing telegram or something?"
he just flashed a hellish smile--"let's go driving for a while"
he held something in his hand i'd never seen before
it was my chevrolet's pink slip
Scratch evil eye
"step on it, boy, if you want to stay alive" he said
"don't look surprised, you know what i want
[ De: ]
i've lived for years inside your trunk, so drive" he said
"let's get talking business, son--you ain't fooling anyone
i know just what you want to be--now it's time to work for me, so drive"
If this is a nasty dream
i'd prefer to wake up here
i believe the point is
Scratch out of my car
he said "ha i've come too
besides, i kinda like the velour seatcovers"
god, help me what do i do?
"shut up boy, it's too late for drive
all you phonies get it wrong--double lives take half us long
should have kept your windows clean--now i'm part of this machine
you've got a good 80,000 miles left
before the ;

If this is a nasty dream
i believe the point's quite clear
i'd prefer to wake up here
I started humming amazing grace
he said "come on, boy, give me a break"
so i hit the brakes with both my feet
and sent two horns through the bucket seat
then the locks shot up as the grace came down
i said "here's the keys--i'll be walking back to.
Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Drive, he said

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Artista: Steve Taylor
Canción: Drive, he said
Duración: 04:23
Vistas: 2.429
Álbum: Now the truth can be told
Etiquetas: the devil, inspirational, christian rock, whistling, steve taylor

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