Dr. Feelgood Letra

Aretha Franklin

El tema "Dr. Feelgood" interpretado por Aretha Franklin pertenece a su disco "Definitive Soul: Aretha Franklin". La letra de la canción "Dr. Feelgood" fue publicada el 1 de enero de 1985 con su vídeo musical.

Dr. Feelgood lyrics

I don't want nobody, always
Sittin' around me and my man
I don't want nobody, always
Sittin' around there
Lookin' at me and that man

Be it my mother, my brother, my sister
Would you believe, I get up
Put on some clothes
Go out and help me find somebody for this self,
if I can'

Now I don't mind company
Because company's alright with me
Every once in awhile
Yes it is,
Now I don't mind company
Because company is alright with me
Every once in awhile, yeah

And Oooooooooh
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When me an that man get to lovin'
I tell ya girl, I dig ya, but I don't have time
To sit, and chit, and sit and chit-chat an smile

Don't send me no doctor
Fill me up with all a those pills
I got me a man named Doctor Feelgood
Yeah! Yeah!
That man takes care of all my pains and ills
His name is Doctor Feelgood in the morning
To take care of business is really this man's game
And after one visit to Dr. Feelgood,
You understand why I feel good, in this pain.
Oh! Yeah! Oooh!
Oh, good God a-mighty
The man sure makes me feel real...

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Dr. Feelgood

Enero, 1985
74.566 vistas

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Artista: Aretha Franklin
Canción: Dr. Feelgood
Duración: 03:23
Estreno: Enero, 1985
Vistas: 74.566
Álbum: Definitive Soul: Aretha Franklin
Etiquetas: r&b, gosep, blues, soul, motown, 60s

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