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Faster Pussycat

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Dont change that song lyrics

Before i turn on my lover, gotta turn on my stereo
and it goes in better with a little bit of rock and roll now i'm easing to my pleasing by the candlelight
i'm slippin on a stack of black wax and then i call it a night
I started groovin and she started movin
and we really started feeling fine
in the midst of consumation she caused me aggravation
when she started messing with that dial
Don't you change that song
it's my favorite record
don't you change that song
it goes on and on again
I took her forty-fives right in my hand
[ De: ]
and baby, i've got twelve inches of fun always at my command
ease it out of the sleeve, put the needle in the groove
it ain't no silver platter, it's a matter of who does who
I started shakin, the lady started takin
and everything i disgorged
in the midst of satisfaction she caused a distraction
when she started messin with that sound
Don't you change that song
it's my favorite record
don't you change that song
it goes on and on again
Hey baby, there's no reason
why we can't get along
it's easy to see i got the music in me
when it boils down, if you're gonna hang around
baby, don't change that song
Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat

Dont change that song

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Artista: Faster Pussycat
Canción: Dont change that song
Duración: 03:36
Vistas: 152

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