Different man - Tracy Lawrence

El tema "Different man" de Tracy Lawrence pertenece a su disco "Time marches on". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Different man" de Tracy Lawrence.

Letra Different man - Tracy Lawrence

Who knows what i'm doing here tonight on this barstool
as if i didn't know where i should be through the darkness of the dim neon, and lonely shade of blue
the light is a mighty hard thing to see
but sitting here, it just occurred to me

i was the man she counted on
to do her right, lord she was wrong
i was the man who wasn't there
who made it seem he didn't care
now she needs someone to hold her
to make her feel alive
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and she'll be with a different man tonight

i can't believe i turned my back to the love there in her heart
and turned away from those tears in her eyes
now i know where i belong is right there in her arms
though it took so long for me to see the light
i'm leaving here a different man tonight

(repeat chorus)

now she needs someone to hold her
and make her feel alive
and she'll be with a different man tonight
oh she'll be with a different man tonight

Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence

Different man

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Artista: Tracy Lawrence
Canción: Different man
Duración: 03:27
Vistas: 1.215
Álbum: Time marches on

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