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Insane Clown Posse

El tema "Dead body man" interpretado por Insane Clown Posse pertenece a su disco "Riddle box". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Dead body man" de Insane Clown Posse.

Dead body man lyrics

Channels changing on a tv
"this is a channel 7 news brief because the news is happening now
good evening mort perkins reporting. our top story tonight: police and
investigators are still trying to figure out how and why somebody stole four dead bodies from the
wayne county morgue late monday night. police say the apparent body theif entered
through the basement window but how they eluded the security and alarm system is still a
mystery. but what we at channel 7 are wondering: what kinda sick fuck would steal four
dead bodies anyway? details at ;
Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street.
55-65, bodies at least.
i hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn.
i'm always finding bodies when i'm mowing the lawn.
drag 'em in the house, throw 'em in the oven.
wicked clown lovin' that dead body grubbin'.
tastes like chicken, finger lickin deepfried.
i ate a dead body, but don't tell. i lied.
i just ate my first dead body last week,
still got the fingernail caught in my teeth.
before ya start yellin' and cursin' my name,
remember somethings wrong with my brain, insane.
second i was born, doctor threw me against the wall.
kicked open the doors and he whipped me down the hall.
i'm sliding and i'm boucin' off shit like a hockey puck.
and my mother's like, "what the fuck?"
he said i was born of an alien race.
born with a hatchet and a juggalo face.
but i'm not a martian, you wouldn't understand.
i'm just a dead body man.
"we've got bodies dead bodies we got fat ones, skinny ones, males, females,
hermaphrodites we got somebodies we got nobodies bodies, bodies, bodies
[ De: ]
Dead bodies, dead bodies in the back of my van.
all the little kiddies love the dead body man.
i drive through my neighborhood ringin' my bell.
some people run cause they don't like the smell.
others line up just as quick as they can.
to try to catch a glimpse of the dead body man.
it's all good, if you can stand the funk. but
just don't look in the trunk.
i drive down central kickin the bass.
chillin' with my freaks and i'm pickin' her face.
maggots and bugs like to crawl on her head.
cause my bitch is dead, i'd rather that instead.
i'm a hoe you can't trust, always diggin a nut.
a dead body bitch learned to keep her mouth shut.
riding in the back is my dead body crew.
only they can never think of nothin' to do.
if you think i'm sick, take a look at yourslf.
you got dead deer heads up on your shelf.
on your key chain is a little baby rabbit's hand.
i'm just the dead body man.
"we also collect dead bodies so if you know any dead people, or you yourself
planning on dying soon, we'll be happy to come to your house and pay cash for
it we
appreciate good, healthy, stiffs for our dinner wahoo"
Call me the dead body man (some'll give 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (just sell 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (you can mail 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (but, bring 'em to me)
Call me the dead body man (won't ya give 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (you can sell 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (just mail 'em to me)
call me the dead body man (but, bring 'em to me)
Call me the dead body
call me the dead body
Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

Dead body man

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Artista: Insane Clown Posse
Canción: Dead body man
Duración: 02:29
Vistas: 30.990
Álbum: Riddle box
Etiquetas: hatchet, michigan, call me the dead body man, wicked clowns, mmfwcl

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