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Days go by lyrics

When you light that funny cigarette
would you pass it back to me
i'm feeling a little down and out
and it'll keep me company
i'm just a long lost sinner
living life here on the line
i'll give it right back to you
i know it's not really mine
now don't put it out, not right yet
it's burning pretty good
maybe i'll have one more toke
you think i should
oo-oo, days go by
i just sit around and get real high
oo-oo, what a glow
i just hang out, they come and go
hey, the walls are starting to move
the floor is way down there
what a buzz it is
there's electricity in the air
boy, i'm feeling really gone
i'm feeling really cool
i think i'll have another one
i'm just another fool
you know they say it's illegal
but what isn't these days
[ De: ]
no matter what you do
there'll be somebody on your case
oo-oo, days go by
it just seems like i sit around and get high
oo-oo, shame on me
they're going to put me in a penitentiary
i must not be together
look at the shape i'm in
i just know people are saying
"he's looking awful thin"
i guess i can count my blessings
though i've always been this way
i guess i'll quit tomorrow
maybe another day
oo-oo, days go by
i guess i'll sit around and get real high
you know time has no absolute
it's a just seems like it's spent
everything has a tendency to be so warped and bent
while looking here and there
i'm surprised to see
everybody's gone here
everybody's gone but me
oo-oo, days go by
i just sit around and get real high
oo-oo, what a glow
i just hang out, they come and go


Days go by

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Artista: Cale
Canción: Days go by
Vistas: 123

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