Confronting the devil Letra


El tema "Confronting the devil" interpretado por Mullmuzzler pertenece a su disco "2". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Confronting the devil" de Mullmuzzler.

Confronting the devil lyrics

I look as though i've died
i loathe my life
i can't believe my mind
oh the pain
the pictures tell it all
wretchedly depraved
cast reason to the wind
fires all i see
the mirror shattering
Someone avenge for me
the child who died inside
water come over me
until the flames subside
I see i see through you
the devil there
consumed your bitter soul
and left destruction in it's wake
Your eyes they tell me all
all the guilt you bear
my confidant and friend
you betrayed the trust
smashed forever more
Someone avenge for me
the child who died inside
water come over me
until the flames subside
[ De: ]
venomous fury builds
let's hang the traitor high
You're not alone in your sin
we're all the same
but you didn't break the chain
and rise above
goodbye my friend
Moments such as this
are what defines a man
when the curtains finally close
all we're left with is blood
we must fight for the blood
there's nothing else
more worth standing up for
I swam in the vengeance of
the child who died inside
water came over me
but couldn't still the knife
until you feel my pain
you'll never realize
mercy wash over me
and grant me stay this night
It's so unreal
the cruelty of fate
it's so unreal
the sorrow of fate


Confronting the devil

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Artista: Mullmuzzler
Canción: Confronting the devil
Duración: 06:20
Vistas: 7.204
Álbum: 2
Etiquetas: progressive metal, progressive, metal, labrie, progressive rock

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