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Come kill me lyrics

yo weez wasup man
yo word man, you hear them niggas man,
them niggas is pussy man, word man
what happened? what happened?
yo them niggas is dead man, we gon kill them niggas man
straight like that today man
we gon murder them niggas man
assed out man
i heard they do they thing though
son don't worry about that man, we gon do our thing nigga
yeah i'm feelin that let's go kill them niggas man
no doubt
you wanna kill me come and do it i don't give a fuck
diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
Yo check it out now, uh, yo, yo
[verse 1]
yo subliminal thoughts, 107th street, criminal court
pissy drunk up in here, gordon, gin the court
it's like a biscuit, judging my dick though, case acquitted
when it's dough i do whatever it takes to get it
so, chain danglers, are in danger
when i skate wit ya ice like the rangers, assume later
boss bitch though, goin out like tomb raider
booth razors, a few blazers, who raised him
he speak eboni-, me and my goddaughter c-hanni
come through with the mean tommy, ask you if you seen mommy
and she three feet behind me
why my whole life is like the repeat of gahndi
me and g o d, from c o c, like got dough c o d
a s a p, a s a p
play me, you crazy, and your mother ass fat
so i laid her on her stomach bust your brothers on her back
never rubber on or cap, i'm a raw specialist
make me more devilish, me and my whores never kiss
though, motherfucker we was prone to die
just my green top, yo we own inside, motherfucker
you wanna kill me come and do it i don't give a fuck
diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
we gon ball till we fall, gon ride in the five
keep pies in our eyes, stay high til we die
you wanna kill me come and do it i don't give a fuck
diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
[ De: ]
we keep a clip in our shit, keep a brick on the trip
keep a chick in the whip, gettin licked the six
[verse 2]
ayo they used to call me "work out"
cuz before i brought my work out, i used to work out
niggas wanna make deals, na na i want work out
now murk out, before you get cursed out
bangin they fun, same as the sun
hidin from the church when you slang to the nuns
chumps come through with giraffe and orangatang guns
vetty vest, you petty theft, you seem soft
i'm seven judges up in supreme court
mean thoughts all over a teen porch
wait, don't have to tell you shit
matter fact, pat him down, who the hell you wit?
yo you wack money, wait around all day for pack money
get a gold chain talkin bout you bout to have money
but everything's gonna to be all right, why
cuz every ring's gonna be all ice and
you wanna kill me come and do it i don't give a fuck
diplomats live it up, clak, clak, give it up
[verse 3]
this nigga with the ice mug stuntin? [he won't bust nothing]
yo, talkin bout he gon' touch somethin [he won't bust nothing]
yo sayin that he too much frontin [he won't bust nothing]
yo, he just a fake thug bluffin [he won't bust nothing]
and his man with the ice grill frontin [he won't kill nothing]
yo, he outside with the mil frontin [he won't kill nothing]
talkin bout he some real somethin [he won't kill nothing]
sayin yo i'ma kill something [he won't kill nothing]
not a collecter of picasso, but everybody in my scepter got dough
neglect a rock row, go to charve and not dough ho
but hector, comancho, mi amigo rockin in the side bitch
?maxin out to marvin?, can't know it
that's why i keep the blam blam loaded
club grand open, next week we grand close it, come and kill me
Get the fuck outta here this shit is fuckin closed
get the fuck outta here motherfucker i'll kill you


Come kill me

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Artista: Cam'ron
Canción: Come kill me
Duración: 04:19
Vistas: 11.099

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