Clown love Letra

Insane Clown Posse

El tema "Clown love" interpretado por Insane Clown Posse pertenece a su disco "Forgotten freshness, & 2". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Clown love" de Insane Clown Posse.

Clown love lyrics

dexter's bangin'
nuts straight hangin'
chillin' in the alley-way,signs straight ravin'
up in the air,i hear the don't care
getchur' motherfuckin' melon busted for a stare
love pumpin' through the heart,pumpin' through the viens
pop a motherfucker like it ain't no thang
bloodshot eyes from puffin' on the bud
lemme see that wang
lemme see that love
roamin through the hood,top cut down
cut back so full motherfuckin on the ground
mix with the homiez spittin' on the hos
stop in the stall for a cold (sumthin)
Rabbin' on your balls
straight-slangin' stalls
fuck the gand squad try ta take me out my home
check my neck and i gotchurs,cuz
row with yourself,and keep that clown love

throw your signs in teh air
whats that? i dont check
i dont care
cuz im down with teh clown everywhere
cuz much clown love is in the air
Throw your signs in teh air
whats that? i dont check
i dont care
cuz im down with teh clown everywhere
and much clown love is in the air
A homes,was thatchur claim?
im in teh rhymin' game
wicked clown bangin'
i'm just a motherfucka' thats down for the cause
[ De: ]
u can suck on my balls
unless ya got clown love
put um up,throw um up,
lemme see that mothafuckin
flip um up,flip um down,flip um around,mothafuckin
cuz mine dont walk from breathin all the smog
im all up in teh shit like if my name was fog
never heard a sound
well i got luck
the motha fuckin pigs come its time ta shoot a muck
here comes the sirens i here 'um gettin close
here come the squad,its time ta get (sumthin)
if ya wanna stay ya get beat by a pig
fuck that shit,cuz where i live
my boys got my neck,and i got there's,cuz im true ta myself,bitch clown love

hey,why the fuck ya lookin' at me?
my wang, my (sumthin) or the club in my hand?
well here,go ahead,take a closer look
(boom oo boom oww)
thanx for the wallet bitch
gimme then duckets,mothafuckin child
too busy doin other things like hangin' with my mob
crew got my neck,when push come the shove
lemme sell out urself,and keep that clown love

(ya wicked clowns in this bitch,ya know?
its all clown love,ya know what im sayin? clown love,that love for all sex. yah lets blow (sumthin) up in this and all those other bitches check it out. all u mothafuckers rip up this on the east side,and the west side,ya know what im sayin?all up in this motha it strong. row with ur mothafuckin self. sell out.)
Throw ya signs,bitch
Insane Clown Posse

Insane Clown Posse

Clown love

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Artista: Insane Clown Posse
Canción: Clown love
Duración: 03:45
Vistas: 7.090
Álbum: Forgotten freshness, & 2

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