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"broadcast. talking words. real words. painful words. makes you look so cheap. you can't stand on your own. and i have ceased to care. digging. digging deeper. digging for your precious heir. discredit. the job's too easy and so painful. and way to fucking real. the dirt is on your hands. the blood is in your hands. and i can see right through them. your only a receptacle for me. respectability is the weapon of the "in scene". dirt is law. new is wrong. can't we just let all this fall out of our laps again. how many sorrys does it take. well i'm sorry, so sorry that weren't cool enough. lies. time. pray for your inheritance. preys on your ;
[assignment: take an evening and watch your evening news. with a pad of paper and pen, write down the stories covered (you can be brief). at the end of the half-hour, compare the stories that cover rape, murder, kidnapping with the number of stories on what your government has done today. the results may be surprising. then think about what the media wants you to believe.]
[points to consider:]
[1 the idea that you need protection from other citizens]
[2 the idea that only your government can provide that protection]
[3 who benefits from these ideas]
Boy Sets Fire

Boy Sets Fire

Chapters 4: blame (live at eleven):

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Artista: Boy Sets Fire
Canción: Chapters 4: blame (live at eleven):
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