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Boy Sets Fire

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Chapter 6: resection lyrics

"now my life is full of so many simple crutches. they help me walk they help me sleep the help me suffer. hte love was never there and i just didn't seeit. the weapons take on so many painful attachments, the faces change but they all tell the same damn story. the love was never there and i just didn't see it. the love was never there and now i don't think i even care.
I've built this wall around my heart
to shut you out i've, played my part
in this game that i thought was real
in this pain that i now feel
and if i ever fall again
will i just turn in the wind
or let it fly away with pain
or let it fester into the same
a small dark place inside my mind
will keep my safe and far behind
so you can never hurt me again
so you can never hurt me again
you can never hurt me again
nothing can ever hurt me again
nothing can ever hurt me again
the way you did
the way you did
and nothing, nothing can ever

[ De: ]
i pull this glass out of my skin
the 'wish i hads' replace my sins

i release the lies but the disdain and nothing can ever wash this away. a small quiet place where i can hide. a small quite place where i can hide. where you can never hurt me again.
where you can never hurt me ;

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Boy Sets Fire

Boy Sets Fire

Chapter 6: resection

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Artista: Boy Sets Fire
Canción: Chapter 6: resection
Duración: 04:13
Vistas: 78

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