Cabaret Letra

Louis Armstrong

El tema "Cabaret" interpretado por Louis Armstrong pertenece a su disco "I Like Jazz: The Essence Of Louis Armstrong". La letra de la canción "Cabaret" fue publicada el 1 de enero de 1991 con su vídeo musical.

Cabaret lyrics

What good is sitting, alone in your room?
but come, hear the music play
life is a cabaret, old chum
come to the cabaret
put down your knitting, your book and your broom
it is time for a holiday
life is a cabaret, old chum
come to the cabaret
come taste the wine
come hear the band
come blow that horn
start celebrating
right this way your table´s waiting
what good´s permmiting some prophet of doom?
to wipe every smile away
life is a cabaret , old chum
so come to the cabaret
i used to have this girlfriend known as elsie
with whom i shared for sordid rooms in chelsea
she wasn´t what you call a blushing flower
[ De: ]
as a matter of fact she rented by the hours
the day she died the neighbours
came to snicker her
well, that is what comes from
too much pills and liquor
but when i saw her laid down like a queen
she was the happiest corpes i´d ever seen
i think of elsie till this very day
i remember how she´d turned to me and say
what good is sitting all alone in your room?
come hear the music play
life is a cabaret, old chum
come to the cabaret
and as for me
and as for me
i made my mind up back in chelsea
when i go i am going like elsie
star by admitting
from cradle to doom
it isn´t that long a stay
life is a cabaret, old chum
it´s only a cabaret, old chum
and i love a cabaret
Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong


Enero, 1991
154.693 vistas

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Artista: Louis Armstrong
Canción: Cabaret
Duración: 03:55
Estreno: Enero, 1991
Vistas: 154.693
Álbum: I Like Jazz: The Essence Of Louis Armstrong
Etiquetas: swing, blues, louis armstrong, jazz

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