Buy Out Letra

Yo Gotti

La letra de la canción "Buy Out" interpretada por Yo Gotti fue publicada el 1 de enero de 2012 con su vídeo musical.

Buy Out lyrics

A 100 miles and running niggas gunning at the enemy
Niggas switching sides giving up like its the end of me
Niggas hollin' family but I know these niggas envy me
Pound game thugging to the muthafckin sentence me

I'mma trending topic. Top down bitch im riding in the 'rarri
If u don't like me then I'm sorry
Same OG, I'm just being me fuck a critic
I rap about this shit cus I did it

Life don't change, neither do the game
New niggas getting money but the rules stay the same
Who I'm gon' sign with? Who I wanna grind with?
That's my only question nigga CMG I'm dying with

Cocaine Muzik , cars, money, guns
Every nigga I fuck wit done went to jail, I paid they bond
I never leave my house without my chain or my gun
Got on my dope boy guccis or a fresh pair of One's

Yeah... see nigga, see I feel like I'm one of the realest niggas that ever walked the face of earth, you know what I mean?
And that ain't got nothing to do with getting no money or nothing like that nigga. That's just bein 100
That's being 100 with yourself. That's being 100 with the niggas who 100 wit u, you know what I mean?
[ De: ]
Nigga I got a lot of young niggas around me nigga and it's straight up love like family nigga cuz we'll kill for
Each other and that's on the real

Murder was the case nigga, jump a hurdle win a race nigga
Then I put it in ya face nigga. Took a face on my case nigga
Told my lawyer go to trial, I'm doing it big in the meanwhile

If I lose, raise Mariah for me. If I die bust that fire for me
Pour out some liquor and get higher for me
I'm doing this one for my homeboys,
I'm hollin "Oh Lord". Some shit we can't afford

I just be speaking from the heart but sometimes it rhymes
Am I a real rapper or just a nigga with lines?
I don't know, I'm confused. Do I supposed to be rich?
You know that ho ain't yo ho she just yo supposed to be bitch
Yo supposed to be clique. I don't want no allies
It's CMG homie and we don't franchise

I get green guys, off those white pies
Dope in that pot and it get baptized

Hallelujah! Bless my shooters
Serve my Jay's up, watch him hit that shooter
Fuck this rap shit, I dont fit in
All these fuck boys, all these fake friends

Streets on fire, plug on go mode
Streets so damn dry, I might get a truck load
Fuck yo contract, I won't sign that
Labels keep calling me but I won't call back
Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti

Buy Out

Enero, 2012
15.645 vistas

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Artista: Yo Gotti
Canción: Buy Out
Duración: 03:13
Estreno: Enero, 2012
Vistas: 15.645
Álbum: Cm7: The World Is Yours
Etiquetas: rap, hip hop

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