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Bob roberts society band lyrics

Well you've heard about the alligators
sleepin' in the shade
you've heard about the sugar barons
screwin' up the glade
it's a melting pot existance
and it's hard to contemplate
but i'm never in the battle in the sunshine state
but far, far away
from the front page news
far, far away
from the headline blues
down a secondary road
that severely shows its age
the forties come to life on a makeshift stage
it's the bob roberts society band
playin' every sunday at the orange grove stand
they don't play grunge and they don't play loud
it's the magic of the music that still draws a croud
well, the word goes out
from melbourne to the keys
the faithful get the message
like it's written on the breeze
[ De: ]
young folks, old folks
vow to cut a rug
fox trot, bunny hop, do the jitter bug
i saw many vans from boca
buses from perrine
there were people speakin' hindu
in the barbeque line
a couple ont their honeymoon
looked a bit confused
but the boys in the band put them right in the mood
(saxaphone solo)
a lady dressed in purple started dancin' all alone
she sauntered oh so gently
to the vacant microphone
she sounded like shes someone
who never missed a beat
by the time the number ended they were dancin' in the street
they've died and gone to heaven
that little lively crowd
trombones and saxaphones
sent 'em through the clouds
they coulda gone all night
but the party had to stop
when they blew the circuit breaker in the souvenir shop
chorus (repeat)
Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett

Bob roberts society band

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Artista: Jimmy Buffett
Canción: Bob roberts society band
Duración: 03:44
Vistas: 171

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