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Ian Dury And The Blockheads

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Blockheads lyrics

You must have seen parties of blockheads
with blotched and lagered skin
blockheads with food particles in their teeth
what a horrible state they're in
They've got womanly breasts
under pale mauve vests
shoes like dead pigs' noses
cornflake packet jacket,
catalogue trousers
a mouth what never closes
You must have seen blockheads
in raucous teams
dressed up after work
who screw their poor old eileens
get sloshed and go berserk
Rotary accessory watches
hire-purchase signet rings
a beauty to the bully boys
no lonely vestige clings
Why bother at all about blockheads?
why shouldn't they do as they please?
you know if it came to a brainy game
you could baffle a blockhead with ease
How would you like one puffing
[ De: ]
and blowing in your ear hole?
or pissing in your swimming pool?
Bigger brained blockheads often acquire
black and orange cars
premature ejaculation drivers
their soft-top's got roll bars
'fill her up,' they say to blockheads
'go on, stick it where it hurts'
their shapeless haircuts don't enhance
their ghastly patterned shirts
Why bother at all about blockheads?
superior as you are
you're thoughtful and kind
with a well-stocked mind
a blockhead can't think very far
Imagine finding one in your laundry basket
banging nails in your big black dog
Why bother at all about blockheads?
why should you care what they do?
cos after all is said and done
you're a blockhead too
(oi oi)
(oi, oi)...
Ian Dury And The Blockheads
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Artista: Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Canción: Blockheads
Duración: 04:17
Vistas: 17.855
Álbum: Do it yourself (bonus disc)
Etiquetas: new wave, ian dury, rock, post punk, british

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