Black iguana - Love/hate

El tema "Black iguana" de Love/hate pertenece a su disco "Let's rumble". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "Black iguana" de Love/hate.

Letra Black iguana - Love/hate

Have you ever fantasized what it might be like
to crack the sacred nut and have the world be your oyster
and like a leaf blowin' in the wind fate always seems to escape you
leave you hangin' - jaded, bitter bottomed-out brother
If you could be anyone in the world - who would you be?
would you be a tolstoy, vasco da gama, or carlos santana?
would you strike a note resounding live in the chords of the hearts of men -
or would you just stand back in the shadows and let it all fade to nothing?
Jump on the black iguana
People been sellin' their soles long before it was fashionable
talkin' table talk about truth - justice - morality
but was your down on your luck and your starvin'
these things are meanInglés-Englishs -
[ De: ]
just a mind fuck - a cold pat on the back
Lonely hearts long to be loved and they get their fair share of love
walkin' down the primrose path
red eyes, red lips, snowflakes
but passion like truth don't always stand the test of time
so you wipe the lipstick off and you start all over
Jump on the black iguana
lizards take their time when they go home
Phones - fax machines - bottled water - television -
they're all instruments of the devil
and ought to be encouraged
so remember this is your last chance to detonate adversity-
this is your last chance to twist the sands and hands of time -
this is your last chance to get 'chor shit together
'chor shit together
Jump on the black iguana
jump on the black iguana
jump on the black iguana
lizards take their time when they go home


Black iguana

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Artista: Love/hate
Canción: Black iguana
Duración: 03:29
Vistas: 820
Álbum: Let's rumble

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