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El tema "At the gallows end" interpretado por Candlemass pertenece a su disco "Nightfall". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "At the gallows end" de Candlemass.

At the gallows end lyrics

Sunrise i greet you, the beauty of your light
so warm and tender was never the night
in tears i see you, the last time it will be
so give me your blessing, i'll meet my destiny
no rest for the sinner
hypnos refused me my sleep
this was the last night of my life
with wine i pondered on my deeds
i drank to the devil with servants
it's good with a friend where you go
no one would share my last chalice
so i drink to the ones that i know
Ring brother, ring for me
ring the bells of hope and faith
ring for my damnation
i am at the gallows end
With sad emotions, i sing this epitaph
my swansong, my headstone, the farewell of my heart
the hills of tyburn, up where the gallows stand
[ De: ]
only the vultures will come to see me hang
Behold the sight of my golgatha
the gallows enlightened by the moon
proud of his art are the carpenter
his creation a tool for my doom
I am the outcast no winner
i am the fallen the one
that lived all his life as a sinner
the tempter has called me his son
Soon it is time the dark has now fled
and i see the place for my death
the priest he will pray for my lost soul
i'm sure he's wasting his time
A sinner, a fool or a devil
or just a victim of life
it's no fun to burn in hell's fire
but i sure have enjoyed my life
Ring brother, ring for me
ring the bells of hope and faith
ring for my damnation
i am at the gallows end


At the gallows end

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Artista: Candlemass
Canción: At the gallows end
Duración: 05:29
Vistas: 98.814
Álbum: Nightfall
Etiquetas: doom metal, heavy metal, traditional doom metal, epic doom metal, songs to listen to before you die

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