As in the beginning Letra


El tema "As in the beginning" interpretado por Sizzla pertenece a su disco "Royal son of ethiopia". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "As in the beginning" de Sizzla.

As in the beginning lyrics

go away man cause we no love pagan
remember that, blessed.
when ever you take part in the up-rising of the black child
when them see we face them a run come smile.
well red, soil them get soil, soil them get soil.
as emperor selassie i was in the beginning
is now and ever shall be
be glorious in your powers while i sing
to his own devine majesty.
as jah was in the beginning
is now and ever shall be
be glorious inna your powers while i sing
to the whole ghetto community.
Verse 1:
nuff a them a look fi selassie
yet them greedy fi wealth
make me tell you
you can not be looking out of yourself
how close are you to zion ?
inna emmanuel tabernacle have you ever knelt ?
confuse not your heart
power from the source
black child of the zion is of the eastern coast.
what life has taught me is to love and not to boast
nuh teach the youth them bout no damn holy ghost
[ De: ]
Verse 2:
me haffi holla out
i and i and i are the royal son of king david
so babylon why you try to deny
the ghetto youths loyal knowledge ?
red, gold and green with the black five point star
banners shall flow inna every village
me tell them sey repatriation no deh far
get yourself ready and come we go pon babylon bridge
when money caan do it and there is no food to eat
for me nah go tell the street how them a bawl and a weep
a them a call fi peace but grap and a run with all of the wheat
but bob hill them soon caan see it
Verse 3:
we tell them say
everything that provide
come we chant all nyahbinghi inside the royal palace
ghetto youth just be wise how unnuh haffi rise
come make we open up we eyes
a tell you sey, me haffi chant down river nile
babylon me just come and career get soil
yow, i want to live it up and trod down nine mile
remember that the city, yow, haven't a living reptile
Chorus / repeat verse 1 / chorus


As in the beginning

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Artista: Sizzla
Canción: As in the beginning
Duración: 04:12
Vistas: 3.330
Álbum: Royal son of ethiopia
Etiquetas: 4 stars, conrad, reggae

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