An exercise - John Frusciante

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Letra An exercise - John Frusciante

Learning there's nothing to gain from advice
hey doubt, some around anytime anyhow mistakes are what lead you through life
down and out's only if you think up and in's right
i've gone along with all the sins that are versions of you
but guidelines were all i had time to get through
it's like reading of love that's gone wrong
if time was laid out like that
everything would occur at once
and all the laws were laid down twice
and the clouds were doubled in the sky
[ De: ]
and being tall meant lacking height
and being wrong was being right
you're perfect
you fit snuggly right in the lie
one host is going to teach how to die
lay down
the darkness tonight is so bright
there's one for each time cars collide
i hear that telling moments divide
and the only important moments
are the in between times
and being confused is an exercise
i'm missing your thoughts tonight
but we reach out to what's out of our sight
John Frusciante

John Frusciante

An exercise

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Artista: John Frusciante
Canción: An exercise
Duración: 03:44
Vistas: 148.700
Álbum: The will to death
Etiquetas: alternative, frusciantism, rock, singer-songwriter, john frusciante

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