All things good and nice Letra

Jets To Brazil

El tema "All things good and nice" interpretado por Jets To Brazil pertenece a su disco "Four cornered night". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "All things good and nice" de Jets To Brazil.

All things good and nice lyrics

I love my mother for all the things she's not
but mostly for who she is
i love my father for all the things he's thought
but really for the things he did
i love my piano though i wasn't ever taught
still i think i'm gonna live
All things to those who wait
take time to find your way
half the answers will come from your mistakes
even when you're wrong i think you're great
I love my brother he's always taking shit
he's just not like those other kids
i love my sister for always making things
she even made a brother out of me, sweet kid
i love this feeling like i've got something to give
you know i think i'm gonna live
All things to those who wait
[ De: ]
take time to find your way
some will say the truth is not so plain
don't confuse the truth with your pain
You can take a line and say it isn't straight
but that ain't gonna change it's shape
I love my drummer and all the things he plays
i wrote it in half-time just to say thanks
i love my bassist represent the western states
i think they sent me an angel from the old salt lake
i love my guitarist his chops from outer space
he can make my three chords sound like eight
All the things to those who wait
take time to find your way
to all the bands who mean what they say:
it's not what you sell its what you make.
i love you stranger though it might not always show
there's a lot of good in you i know
Jets To Brazil

Jets To Brazil

All things good and nice

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Artista: Jets To Brazil
Canción: All things good and nice
Duración: 05:32
Vistas: 48.403
Álbum: Four cornered night
Etiquetas: indie rock, emo, rock, mellow, indie

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