All i do Letra

3rd Storee

El tema "All i do" interpretado por 3rd Storee pertenece a su disco "3rd storee". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "All i do" de 3rd Storee.

All i do lyrics

Come on, listen up now
3rd storee on the rise come on
Yab yum on top come on
I'm in the studio caked up (caked up)
I leave the session when you wake up (wake up)
Only rock the beats with the deep cuts (deep cuts)
We all screaming 3rd storee what, what
I met shorty on sunset (on sunset)
Bumping newark on the tape deck (tape deck)
I got the number you can bet that (oh you can bet that)
I got three friends don't forget that ya heard me

Shorty had a little back caught my eye
Bounce getting jiggy with her sexy thigh
She blew my mind, she was all so fine
I think about her now most every night
I like the way her style got me hypnotized
Be so fly, i gotta make her mine
[ De: ]

[3rd storee] (lil'man)
1- all i do is (when i can't get no sleep i)
Think about you (you're everything to me baby)
How am i supposed to (be alone, know i just can't)
Chill without you (chill without your love)

I wanna know what i can do
To get me closer to you
I wanna know the do's and don't's
What can i do to get you

Everyday, i think about it everyday
If i could only have you babe oh yeah

Repeat 1 (2x)

I can't explain what i see in your eyes
But i know it comes from deep inside

And everyday i wish that i could see
The girl that always be inside my dreams baby

Repeat 1 till end
3rd Storee

3rd Storee

All i do

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Artista: 3rd Storee
Canción: All i do
Vistas: 585
Álbum: 3rd storee

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