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After i die lyrics

"sending out a death shout to my boy point he rest in
"what? they did kill my nigga ;

Put me to sleep blank rest in peace
Put me to sleep blank rest in peace
Put me to sleep blank rest in peace
Put me to sleep blank rest in peace

After i die gonna be a lot of shit
Cause ain't no telling what my niggas fuck around to do this trick
Who squeezed the trigga on me
Cause i squeezed the trigga on his little brotha yesterday
I can still remember when i shot him
Voices screaming in my head: oh, my god, damn, it was so simple
But the very next day i caught 2 to the temple
I wonder what my family gonna say
Maybe they was looking for me to die anyway
You know, my feelings was hurt
I just got out the penitentiary, now they put me in the dirt
To make a long story short: i was terrible
Niggas found no weed when they came to my burial
Bitches cried as they put me in the ground
[ De: ]
But sometimes i think it was meant for me to lay it down
I appreciate if you kiss me
But i ain't gonna have mothafuckas standing, crying over my body
Just let a nigga sleep
Fucking with me and shit, how the hell i suppose to rest in peace?
My son don't know about the tragic
He's just crying cause they won't let him to play in my casket
I can see my girl's face, i know she can't stand it
Looking like a mind's on another planet
I had a lot of niggas down with me
Uuuh, i just hope to god they don't forget me
Yeah, a lot of niggas hated me
And to see me in a grave is what they wanted to see
A rough brotha from south park
And i blame illinois for making me hard
Point blank is
Of being mentally fucked up and that's what killed me
I like to send peace to a brotha that squeezed the trigga
Uuuh, he's a bold ass nigga
And all i got to say:
I was tired of this bitch ass surf anyway


Put me to sleep,
Point Blank

Point Blank

After i die

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Artista: Point Blank
Canción: After i die
Duración: 03:20
Vistas: 2.084
Álbum: Prone to bad dreams
Etiquetas: texas, south park coalition, goodbye, gangsta rap, spc

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