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Adrenaline lyrics

<br><b>[featuring beanie seagal, dice raw]

[scratch - intro]

Once again, 'gain
Once again, 'gain
Once again, 'gain, 'gain
Ladies and gentlemen
Once again, 'gain
Once again, 'gain
Once again, 'gain, 'gain
Yo, adrenaline

[dice raw]
Yo, i'm in the eye of the storm where the pressure's on
And mc's are dressed funny like a leprichaun
I chop rappers like chicken suizceiun
Send a squad off like a slave auction
Yo my zodiac sign read caution
On stage, i'll make your seed to an orphan
Yo, my agent have to break equation
Niggas want some? i hit 'em with a portion
Son of fifth foursome, armed at the door, son
In milita, dice raw quick draw, son
You don't want no more son? that's when more come
And drag a nigga eerie avenue to oregon, you're all done
Ladies and gentlemen, select a weapon at the gate
Upon enterting the roots' instruemtalin'
Spark shit, them niggas try to talk shit
We hit 'em like the l on 60th and market
South philly click will hold it til a nigga park it
Take sneaks, chains and rings and braclets
Split back, just like we the therapist
Adrenaline, fifth mic terrorist
Once again


[malik b]
Nigga, nigga, niggas tryin' to get a grip
Bu still slip, so lift me up
Ever since i was a pup i was designed to erupt
You get to know me, you'll poke me slowly
When caught fussin'
Some niggas thoguht they was, when of course they wasn't
Punked 'em with the dozen
The pellets all in they skellet
Transform from the norm, start the brainstorm
Yeah, malik b from the roots, he ain't gone
I took the wrong exit, the sings to lay on
I'm trapped up in about five worlds with live pearls
Shouts to armour and ??? whose name jahlil
The moat is deep water so let your hand expand in
Demandin', taking you back like knots landing
And ralph cramdon, we out, you'll see in hampton
Yo, what what what what what what
I get wicked on this concrete earth until i rot
Didn't figure how to conquer it yet
[ De: ]
But still i rock once again


[dice raw]
Beans passed the mac and we held 'em, like hostages
Rappers see me hide they face, like ostriches
Dice'll grind your brain into little sasuages
Under water rap, you know who the bosses is
North philly, baby, that's where that raw shit is
You get blown out the sky once you get talkin' it
Hey, take the vibe raw, i fathered it
And when you see me on the street don't bother kid
Just be on your merry way or you might get slit
Ask around, wonderin' what dice raw did
Lay you on floors like you gettin' carpeted
You need a special kind of mic, for retarded kids
Me against you's like kang vs. the partridges
Wanna battle? change your name to the forfeiters
Cuz that's what you do, faced to face with raw niggas
I give you a bad case of the fucked-up jitters
Once again


[beanie seagal]
They used to talk shit, but i'm a quiet 'em
Kick in the door with my boys, stick to fryin' 'em
First nigga that flinch, i'm a fire him
Tape him up, grip his hands, and plyer them
Know the bricks is in here, where you hidin' 'em?
Don't die in the shit that you lyin' in
Used to get fronted bricks, now i'm buyin' 'em
Used to cop off my man, now i'm supplyin' him
Paid a front row seats, watchin' iverson
First class air crash when i'm flyin' in
To , shaq, eddie, kobe bryant and them
Save the jokes for chris tucker, richard pryor and them
Used to shotgun in cars that i'm drivin' 'em
Used to hustle 'round bars, y'all was robbin' 'em
Run all up in yo' spot with rob and 'em
Grew up, two-four, with pry and 'em
But do my dirt, twenty first, with kyle and them
Nigga pop, nigga buzz, little mark and them
Brother knews, nigga schooled marly park and them
Nigga jump, pull a pump, low sparkin' 'em
I know shit right now gettin' dark to them
Tore their body all up, ain't no chalkin' 'em
To sharp for them, move out in the dark on 'em
These illadel' foul streets when i'm stompin' 'em


[scratch - outro]
The Roots

The Roots


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Artista: The Roots
Canción: Adrenaline
Duración: 05:18
Vistas: 65.133
Álbum: You got me
Etiquetas: hip hop, hiphop, tru-skool, okayplayer, hip-hop

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