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Accurate math lyrics

Go bananas if you lick'in my split, wit the lavender 6, sexier then calendar chicks. my voices is organic to mix. count my money accurate. i don't want my cash to flip they clap and shit. real nails no tips, lips you love to kiss. sip the armaretta sour give my thug the chris. front row cheering the knicks illegal pick stack my arithmatic rediculous. i like it hard and stiff can you handles it! sole' burn tracks like candle woman so you don't have to trick. baby we can go dutch pay for half of it.
we can do anything that you wanna do
go any place that you wanna go
i anit no money hungry hoe
sole' don't need no doe no! no!

[ De: ]
yo we number one for months. you trying to catch up like hunts. yo we up running person. i heard your label jerking you. feel like hurting who? lord have mercy on you only female out the bout sick of the "t" rock and baby blue and navy two times two. wit 20's on get up on you want it but they anit no haven. bitch bargade on fit accade.
have you hoes the track when faced wit hot tracks. i take my heels off. you taken dirt naps. i hurt that make you work pack home of the lacks bringing real hip hop back. who can top that. you need to stop that! we top cats. where my niggas at?
Chorus- 2 times
You don't really wanna face me. i had to slap a bitch in the dressing room of macies you don't wanna make me put my hands up get yo man. what! you know we bout misery. pull the truck up. he ran like a duck. now it's me and you boo and you shit out of luck. so open up and meet these nuts. now you lumped up for what talking out your lips. now the next thing you kiss is peroxide mrs.
laminate your style. you need to switch. read your top 10 list. sole' on top of this. what what yo yo and you know that i'm the soloist. rumbling dice make'em clap to this.
Repeat- make'em clap to on come on


Accurate math

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Artista: Sole'
Canción: Accurate math
Duración: 03:51
Vistas: 92

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