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El tema "About time and decisions" interpretado por Caliban pertenece a su disco "Vent". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "About time and decisions" de Caliban.

About time and decisions lyrics

When time decides.
the circle made from love and trust breaks.
the chain breaks. an emptieness reveals.
memories start to swallow me.
searching the unknown of frustration from being into nothing.
freedom. way stars. my aim.
the joy of existhing.
what remained of waitin so long was the bitter
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and painful experience of being left.
reality. i'm tightly embraced wounds of love never going to heal.
as long as the past remains. only covered by illusion.
the outer wrap breaks from inner pain.
got to be strong and egoistic. thats the way it is.
oh our so beautiful world.
a world dies lonely. ...and the beginning of



About time and decisions

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Artista: Caliban
Canción: About time and decisions
Duración: 05:41
Vistas: 36.156
Álbum: Vent
Etiquetas: entscheidung, metalcore, german metalcore, hardcore, german

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