A really good time Letra

Roxy Music

El tema "A really good time" interpretado por Roxy Music pertenece a su disco "The thrill of it all: roxy music (1972-1982)". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "A really good time" de Roxy Music.

A really good time lyrics

You're heard enough
of the blues and stuff
you're pretty swell now
'cause you're pretty tough
but i don't have to tell you
how hard it can be to get by
you never bothered
about anyone else
you're well educated
with no common sense
but love - that's one thing
you really need to get by
all your troubles
come from yourself
nobody hurts you
they don't care
just as long as you show them
a really good time
all the things
you used to do
a trip to the movies
a drink or two
they don't satisfy you
they don't tell you anything new
you know i don't talk much
except to myself
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'cause i've not much to say
and there's nobody else
who's ready and willing
and able to know me - i guess
listen to me
i'm not finished yet
there's something to tell you
that i can't forget
just have a really good time
there's a girl
i used to know
her face is her fortune
she's got a heart of gold
she never goes out much
but boy - when she does
then you know
she's got no money
well, maybe a dime
but she knows what she's worth
and that's reason why
she's gonna make it
she's got what it takes
you'll appreciate that
she's probably late
but i know
and you know
we all know
she'll have a really good time

Roxy Music

Roxy Music

A really good time

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Artista: Roxy Music
Canción: A really good time
Duración: 03:45
Vistas: 46.041
Álbum: The thrill of it all: roxy music (1972-1982)
Etiquetas: prog-rockart rock, poprock, glam rock, album rock, proto-punk

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