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L'roneous Da'versifier

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A place called this lyrics

* dj scratches "the lesson of the day" while l'ron talks over intro *

i had this
It i don't know man it was out
.. but it was right
I don't know how to describe

Long ago i dreamt of a place called this
I thought my mind shift i was blinded by some twisted shit
You see there was a wicked overlord
That regulated over blackboards
No one ever saw him
But his henchmen stalked the land and damaged
The minds of my own kind, blind to the ways
Of the overlord that overforced the acts that passed led
By the mentally dead, forcefed this propaganda
Demanding stand tall - man do as i say, or crawl
This is your reality - echoed through my sleepy dream
People scream, silent cries, echoed by - homicide
Rates, increasing, no ceasing the silence
Violence is a mental thing, the pendulum swings
But something wicked this way comes, murmurs through the slums
Some claim to be a player, but in this game, we all pawns
All spawn, by the overlord
We overcame on a petty four-score
Of ancient folklore, but the overlord kept plottin
Take, and i'll give you all the rotten things i've gotten
Cause it's hot, in this hell on earth
Where you ain't worth a nickel
And you can't even see the shit that makes your cells go sickle
While fickle fuckers who don't follow strive for dyin quick
El-imination tactics practiced by those wack ass henchmen
Yeah then, you tell them i got plans for when it's finished
Cause this ain't just a dream, and a place called this exists
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This ain't just a dream, and a place called this exists
This ain't just a dream, and a place called this exists
A placed called this exists, a place called this exists

A placed called this not only in the
(not only in the mind)
But within the definitive lines of our
(of our cities)
And their structured through
(structured through time)
By the blind, who thought they had been given
Devine, rights of
(rights of passage)
But see the fight
And yet it's only gettin massive, now
Probe for a sec while we detect the sites of evil
The grass ain't even greener cause the barriers are see-through
And we do, those deeds that heed or cause all of our flaws
And the overlord ain't fictitious, the overlord's our laws
Or their laws, that tear all of us, in this perilous
Plot that got some peoples heated but you'll never read it
In the paper, the caper's much too deep to leave to y'all man
I seen it all, mirrored by the blemished image of created equal
Or religion mixed with government
A puzzlement, incentives intent to kill minds
Build ties through lies and they can't stop, won't stop
Look at all those black cops flocked on the block just to mock
Those locked, in concrete cages
You should've peeped the stages
This ain't just a dream, and this shit is quite amazing
Now some ain't even fazed by today's mental plague
But i guess it ain't
The symptoms of racist behavior, racist behavior
These are all symptoms of racist behavior
Racist behavior, racist behavior
These are all symptoms of racist behavior

A place called

L'roneous Da'versifier

L'roneous Da'versifier

A place called this

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Artista: L'roneous Da'versifier
Canción: A place called this
Duración: 03:40
Vistas: 273

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