A love without end Letra

George Strait

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A love without end lyrics

I got sent home from school one day
with a shiner on my eye
fighting was against the rules
and it didn't matter why
when dad got home i told the story
just like i'd rehearsed
and then stood there on my trembling knees
and waited for the worst

(he said/i said), "let me tell you a secret
about a father's love
a secret that my daddy said
was just between us
he said, daddies don't just love their children
every now and then
it's a love without end, amen
it's a love without end, ;
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When i became a father
in the spring of '81
there was no doubt that stubborn boy
was just like my father's son
and when i thought my patience
had been tested to the end
i took my daddy's secret
and i passed it on to him
(repeat chorus)
Last night i dreamed i'd died
and stood outside those pearly gates
and suddenly, i realized
there must be some mistake
if they know half the things i've done
they'll never let me in
and a voice spoke from the other side
and i heard those words again
(repeat chorus)

George Strait

George Strait

A love without end

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Artista: George Strait
Canción: A love without end
Duración: 03:11
Vistas: 105

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