A hamlet for a slothful vassal Letra

Theatre Of Tragedy

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A hamlet for a slothful vassal lyrics

Behold a jocund morn indeed! -
sun on high - birds in sky.
yonder the whist firth eathing,
fro where a gale erranteth.
Ye beholdest but the shadow.
that is a lie!
mayhap a tithe of trothplight -
lief i am not!
i deem - e'er and anon!
my words are but a twist.
tis a feigned lie through loathing,
i say!
to and fro, save hither,
is thy love.
a dotard gaffer, i
not a loth! -
but vying for my kinsmen!
...a sapling not!
beautiful tyrant!
fiend angelical!
dove-feathered raven!
wolvish-ravening lamb!
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a hamlet for a slothful vassal -
soothing ale for a parched sot.
hie to tell me
what ye judgest as naught;
i behold the shadow!
wherefore call me such names;
nay imp am i!
thou art my aghast hart -
grazing in the glade.
E'er thou sayest aye!
that is a lie!
thief of a plot!
lief i am not!
now go to thy tryst!
my words are but a twist!
go, leave, totter!
fare well! - with joy i came,
until ye dwindlest.
with rue i leave
a morsel, nay more,
even the orb cannot
for thy journey
help me melt the ice?!
hither and thither!

Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy

A hamlet for a slothful vassal

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Artista: Theatre Of Tragedy
Canción: A hamlet for a slothful vassal
Duración: 04:04
Vistas: 147.585
Álbum: Theatre of tragedy
Etiquetas: gothic metal, female fronted metal, metal, doom metal, gothic

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