A great work of fiction Letra

Grüvis Malt

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A great work of fiction lyrics

It was too late
too many paces off the clock
no one had said a word for too long
since the sun went down
and our ship set
i haven t seen a thing
no footsteps
if you forget the way
pretend it s fiction.
don t you worry
and remember one thing
adventures are exciting
If i get lost, don t forget to look for me
i ll stay in one place, and make up ghost stories
if we get lost, we ll send out postcards
they ll crisscross oceans and sell as memoirs
this grand game of manhunt
will be an endless headline
when we are found
Dead or alive
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it s a great work of fiction
to keep you suspended in your seat
a great work of fiction
It s been ten days
and so many tall tales
on my back counting scenes
these stories play on eyelid screens
count the chapters float them downstream
making schemes to sell the publishing
If i forgot to say
i m not pretending
a failing memory
could be the best thing
when all you need
is a great ending
got to make them feel smarter than
but sorry for your character
to seal his place in history
i m coming home in box or on throne
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Grüvis Malt

Grüvis Malt

A great work of fiction

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Artista: Grüvis Malt
Canción: A great work of fiction
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