A for me - High Holy Days

El tema "A for me" de High Holy Days pertenece a su disco "All my real friends". Ahora puedes escuchar y aprender la canción "A for me" de High Holy Days.

Letra A for me - High Holy Days

So many things, i have beaten down to get my way
go unnoticed when i make mistakes shine so perfect in the light
i did right this time
Fate, living on a stone
and a statue bleeds
and our prophets on the phone
and my mind breaks free
from the leaders and the clones
life and talk of destiny, i don't even know
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Apologies, to my creation for these wasted days
my transcendence has a bitter face
dreams are built and spent with might
and i'm sorry, cause i never fight
And in the aftermath, dreams just altruistic sayings
my just emotion throws apart, unique, i didn't even care
so look away your life is passed
and you let the chances cave
and all our cares of the moment have given us our names

High Holy Days

High Holy Days

A for me

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Artista: High Holy Days
Canción: A for me
Duración: 04:01
Vistas: 825
Álbum: All my real friends

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